Friday, February 12, 2010

52 Fridays - A Self Portait Challenge - Week 4, 5 and 7.

I am behind in my Self Portrait Friday Challenge, simply because having no internet access at home was a killer! I took the photos still but haven't uploaded them till now. Week 4, above, we had a theme of outdoors. I am still in Perth here. I put the camera on the ground and did the auto timer thing. I remember it was the day before we flew out, I'm thinking have we got everything organized?

It rained here on week 5 so I continued the theme of outdoors! It was like stepping under a shower, the water was cool and so refreshing after the build up of humidity in the air. I really like this shot, I think I look happy to finally be in our new home.

For week 6, no photo, it just didn't happen! But today for week 7, a self portrait in my new sewing area.... wearing the same clothes as week 5!


AJ said...

I like that first one! The sky looks cool...oh and so do you! :P

Same clothes 2 weeks apart....huh I were the same thing twice in 1 week!

byneedleandthread said...

Yay! those photos are great. and must be so nice to have your sewing area again! I will no doubt be wearing the same clothes in my photos too.

Kelly said...

Great photos! sometimes I wash and dry things overnight so I can wear it again the next day lol