Thursday, December 04, 2008

Give Away Day Winner!

312 comments????!!!! OMG! That just blows me away! I feel so humble!! I was thinking 80 or so comments. Last night I had my blog open in one window and was doing other stuff in another window, I'd do back to my blog and hit refresh every 5 minutes to find another 10 comments added! It's going to be hard to beat that for my next blogiversary giveaway!

And so we have a winner! Elizabth from Bits of Sunshine, congratulations, this will add some sunshine to your house. ( I copied and pasted all the comments into and the first user name that come up was the winner.)

Thank you all for your lovely words and encouragment. I'm just amazed that people out there like what I do. I have found some lovely blogs too from linking back to the comments, thank you everyone, wish I had 312 quilts to give away, or rather 311, I saw you Car post twice. Cheeky!


AJ said...

Woo Hoo number 7!! I think that must count for something!!! Like a visit this christmas!!

Car said...

Oh dear - I didn't comment twice did I? I'm sure I only wrote the one comment - but I did cheekily ask you to put 2 entries in for me ;) :D

Shame it didn't work :(

Cheryl said...

Glad I found you. I really like your slice and dice block - great tutorial. Thanks to sew mama sew and your generosity for a give away.

Ellen Robertson said...

Sad that I didn't win the quilt :( I love it! Any chance you would do a tutorial about this one? I love the slice and dice, but this is even better!

mommycall said...

I agree with Ellen...a tutorial on making the quilt would be great!

I really enjoy your I should be quilting instead of reading while my boys are asleep.

The Humming Cat said...

I never voted!!