Monday, October 15, 2007

Hole in the Quilt! *panic* Phew! Fixed!

Now I have finished my dolls quilt, I have turned my attention back to Caitlin's quilt. Up to the sandwich stage. So I lay the backing fabric out on the dining table, taped it down, got my wadding out, spray glued it, smoothed it out. Went to get the quilt top, started to iron it when I discovered this! A hole in the quilt!!! OMG! How did that happen?? It is a little snip, I'm wondering did one of the girls get naughty with my scissors or did I accidentally do it (like I did the other day packing up some fabric for the shop. Opps!)

So I unpicked the offending little 2 inch square, rather nervously, but I had to work quick as I couldn't leave the backing and wadding on the table overnight. Luckily it was on the edge. I sewed the square to the strip alongside the border, then sewed it to the edge away from the border and then to the border, does that make sense??!

Then, phew, I could breath again, all fixed and nicely ironed down in place. Looks like it was always there doesn't it?!


Karen said...

OMG Helen you're amazing!! That would have put me into a panic as I wouldn't know what to do to fix it!
The quilt looks great, as always!

Leah said...

Argh! The disaster that is a hole! I am so glad you flew into super-cool Helen mode and fixed it. I have to tell you too, I get comments everytime we go out now. People love my bag! I always tell them a very talented dear friend made it for me & aren't I lucky? ;) x

AJ said...

Good save Helen...i dread the thought of havingto fix and accidental snip!!

The new sqaurew looks even better than the old one...seams match!! :P

Cascade Lily said...

You did really well - it looks perfect!

Emma said...

Good fix-up work! Better to find it now than later!

The Humming Cat said...

Thats not a hole! It looks like a cannon ball went through it!!!