Wednesday, September 05, 2007

WIP Wednesday - Week 35 - Springtime!

Ahhh, spring is here! I don't really consider myself to be a gardener, its something I think I will always one day like to do. But here is my first irses of the season! This is the third year I have had them, I love bulbs, pop them in the ground and they just keep flowering each spring! But should I dig them up to move them? Don't some people say that is the done thing every few years with bulbs?

Todays WIP action is a bit cryptic. I have finally finished my bag for the EB Sewing Girls Bag Swap. This is part of it. :) I hope the person likes it. I'll post it tomorrow. So now I can get started on the doll quilt for the EB Quilters Swap. I have pictured in my head how it will look, just need to research colour choices and then rummage in the stash and get sewing! Then finish Caitlin's quilt before Christmas. Phew! Think its time for a list again soon!


Emma said...

Gorgeous iris; they're my favourites! I have 3 out in my garden, and hopefully lots more to come. I won't be bothering to move them. There are fewer flowers than the first year, but that's more a lack of water and fertiliser than anything else.

Lily said...

lovely fabric combo there Helen. And who's got time to dig bulbs up and move them? It takes long enough to shove them in!

AJ said...

Arrrgghhhh CRAP!! I forgot it was Wednesday and now they have beaten me!!

going to sulk!!!

All your fault Helen for having last week off....I'm all out of whack!!!


Karen said...

Irises are one of my favourites too, nothing cheerier than a big vase of them mixed with daffodils.
Drum roll as to who your bag recipient will be...

Sheeps Clothing said...

Beautiful iris! I carried a bunch of these when I got married many moons ago.
I love it when all the bulbs come up - its like the first sign that spring is on its way. You've inspired me to get the camera out and photograph some while they last.