Friday, September 21, 2007

Flashback Friday - Week 7 - Wacky Hair!

My Mum was a hairdresser. She left school in what is now the equivelent of year 10, and did a 3 year hairdressing apprentice. The above photo was takem in August 1963. It has on the back in Nan's handwriting "Julie, Hairdressing Examination, Town Hall, First Year Apprentice, August 1963." So she was 16 here as she is the big 60 in a few weeks! Wonder what grade she got for this exam, and its a good thing she wasn't getting graded on the following picts! Fast foward to 1977 and this is my official year 1 shot! Classic bowl cut! Please note the wonky smile!

Things didn't get much better for the Year 2 shot the next year, bring on the mullet! What a geeky looking kid I was. I look at my two girls and am blown away with what beauties they are, I don't know if I am biased or because they really are stunning.

I suppose with Mum as a hairdresser I'm lucky that these are the wackiest photos of my childhood hair that I could find, quite tame really for Flashback Friday. I do have a memory of Mum cutting my hair when I was about 10 and the kids at school teased me terribly and vowing, never, ever to let Mum cut my hair again!


Okie Okasan said...

Wow! Excellent styles! I hope your mom got top marks on her examination.

Thanks for leaving a comment about MY bowl cut!


Cass said...

Helen great styles I love them

Lily said...

Check out those freckles!!! Love your mum's 'do! Wowsers, they don't do hair like that any more!

Anonymous said...

When you have a mum as a hairdresser, your supposed to have great hair or is it like plumbers, builders etc - your house has the worst problems?
I too can remember getting my hair cut short and getting teased.
What were we thinking.

becsta said...

Wow, what amazing flashback photos!! Wish I had more from my Mum's era...