Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The West Australian today...

There as a little article about us and Gracie Lou in the paper today, the West Australian. Not impressed that our surburb is in the article, don't see what that has to do about anything! Otherwise, pretty cool hey! That picture of us is sooooo old though! Over 12 months ago that shot was taken, at the zoo, on one of those booths where they superimpose an animal. In our shot we are looking at a big orangatang. Milly has no hair in this photo but the pants she is wearing still fit her!

They have played on the fact that our surname is the same as that cartoon. I rolled my eyes when I saw that. You can't read the article from the scan but the last paragraph says " Darren said the show was named after daughter Grace but Matilda was also a character. "I'm only hoping that when they get older, there's no animosity," he joked. "I think I might start saving now for psychiatry bills in case they get too tormented by it." DAZ! What a thing to say! Don't worry Milly, you can have a spin off series, Milly goes to Paris or something like that. :)

To celebrate too, we are running a colouring in competition. So if you'd like your munchkin to win a copy of a Gracie Lou DVD/CD pack, details can be found here. Get those crayons out!


AJ said...

Congrats on the newpaper article...it's fun having your name is print!

I'm sure Milly knows what a BEAUTIFUL special little girl she is....**kiss kiss for Milly**

Cass said...

Great article Helen but your colouring competition caused breakfast anguish yesterday!