Wednesday, August 22, 2007

WIP Wednesday - Week 32 - Progress on Caitlin's quilt.

Work In Progress Wednesday, again! Nice to have it back this week on the proper day, last week on a Thursday was just weird. Wednesdays are lovely as I get to see Baby Caitlin as she is known in this house and have a lovely cuddle, she is now 9 weeks old and at that cute baby stage, makes you want to have another!

Okay, quilting chit chat! I have blanket stitched the A, L, N and T. The rest are still sitting on the ironing board! There are a total of 54 blocks, minus 7 that make up her name so that is 47. I thought I was doing well as I have done 24 but then I stopped to do the maths and realized I have 23 to go! So only half way there! I'm going to run out of design wall!

I have been bold too, and dipped into my squares recieved from the recent EB Quilters 3.5 inch square swap. At first I just took 1, now the tally is up too 8!! They are supposed to be for another dissappearing 9 patch block quilt! I just want to use them now!!


AJ said...

Yes Helen have another!! LOL

You're quilts are alwyas so beautiful!! Cailtin will love it!!

Hope my squares arrive soon to stop you using the swap ones!! I might have to send you some more!

Libby said...

The quilt is so lovely - if it's as cute as the baby then the baby must be a delight ;-)

Sahra said...

I just love your quilts Helen!