Friday, August 03, 2007

Flashback Friday - Week 2

Here we are, Flashback Friday again and a pict taking us back to the beginning! Christmas 1971, my first Christmas! 7 months old here and we had just moved into this house and I think that explains the sparsely decorated stick of a Christmas tree!

The brown teddy between my knee's is "Ted" and the rabbit sitting on the right if my knee is "Rabbit" and I still have these two stuffed toys today in the girls rooms, they sometimes come down when we need numbers for a teddy bears picnic.

The ride on horse at the back was called Tigger and he was around for a few years as I have some shots of me at about 4 still riding him. Dad actually emailed me this picture as he is currently going through the old slides, scanning them and putting them onto CD. He mumbled that I nearly got killed on Tigger on day as our driveway was on a slope and one day I got on Tigger at the top of the driveway and just flew down the bottom and crashed. :)

I can see absolutely no resemblance in my face here to that of my girls. *sigh* They seem to have all of Daz's gene's.


Cass said...

Helen I love the precarious angle the bouncer is on!

one little acorn said...

Christmas pics always generate such strong memories. You may not remember the actual day, but nearly always there are treasured toys that became well loved, that fill your memories of childhood.

Kylie said...

Oh what a cutie! Love the picture and the bouncer - we had one of those too. And I love that you still have some of the toys!

Jane Weston said...

We must be the same age..I was 6 months old at Christmas of 1971 :o)

Anonymous said...

What a great photo. Love the fact that you still have some of your toys. I too still have my original teddy.