Wednesday, August 08, 2007

WIP Wednesday - Week 30. Star quilting.

I am embarrassingly behind in the due date for the July 12 x 12 inch challenge over in the Quilt Studio group. maybe I set myself to high a bar by doing this one for my April peice? Anyway, stop making excuses Helen. I'm not too sure if the person I am making this block for reds my blog so I am going to be cryptic and just post a pict of a section. My theme was STAR. So for this one, bit of star stipple quilting around the outer edges. More to be revealed when it arrives at its home.


Lily said...

:p AJ you had plenty of warning! LOL.

Helen you are very brave trying stars! I fear I'd never match up the first and last lines! Must give it a try one day and not be so wussy!

AJ said...

Arrgghhh BOO!! NOFAIR!!!

AJ said...

*insert embarrased similie here* I had to go back and read the post cause I was so eager to comment I forgot to have something to comment on!! Nice stars Helen!! I did some on my Christmas tree skirt...not as nice as your though!!

Racquel said...


I saw your post on visiting Textile Traders, so I just had to go - 23.5 metres later! Thanks for the tip.


amandajean said...

I like the stars!