Friday, August 24, 2007

Flashback Friday - Week 4 - Another Group Shot

Flashback Friday again! This weeks theme is T Shirts but I have searched to find nothing! I did have a really cool Stems Tshirt that I wore to death but I was in that geeky 14 year old mood all the time and wouldn't be seen dead in a photo at that fun stage of growing up!

So here we are with Mum in one of those classic Pixie Photo shots. No idea where Dad is, working?? 1981 apparantly, I am 10, so Scott would be 8 and Ad would be 5. Please note I have not included Ad's ankles in the shot this week!

When Mum went to pick up this photo the sales person said to her "Oh you can tell which children are from your first marriage and which are from your second marriage, can't you?" Mum was so angry she said she nearly decked the lady, and if she hadn't of already paid for it she would have torn it up and walked out the shop. Go Jules! We all have the same father, just Scott and I were blessed with red hair!


AJ said...

I think i have the same back ground on one of our pixie great were the 80's!!

Anonymous said...

How rude of the girl.
I would have done the same.
I'm sure combined families weren't too common back then for her to assume so quickly.
Great pic.

kootoyoo said...

We never had pixie photos taken. The closest we got was school photos. I always wanted a pixie photo. We have chubby ankles in our family we call them astros (boy).


Lily said...

OMG I can't believe someone would say something like that!!!

Corrie said...

ohhhhhhhhhh so cute ! love ad's hairdo too! very un-pc comment


Puggle said...

Is it just me that can see a resemblance between Grace and your sister?

Little Munchkins said...

How rude of that lady! Add, if you are reading, how lucky are you that your sister is showing off such lovely photos of you. Keep them coming Helen!

three buttons said...

Wow was that an 80's comment. No one would dare say something like that in the noughties.

Pixie photos... now there's a theme.