Wednesday, March 07, 2007

WIP Wednesday - Week 8

Well despite the recent excitment that happened in my last post, and the weather of the last two days being a hot and horrid 42 degree's, I have managed to do a bit of quilting!

One of my oldest and dearest girl friends had her second child on Monday, a little boy called Hugo and that has geared me up to finish his quilt! I have done a meandering stipple with a swirly loveheart in the middle. I wanted it to be just spot on and so I brought two different marking pens to draw the design on but neither of them showed up, so I ended up just going free hand which is always a bit dangerous as I'm scared of stuffing it up, but so far so good! The outside yellow boarder showed up the marker pen easily, so I got one of those stencil templates from my local Spotlight and traced this around the boarder. Not perfect in places, but am pleased with the effect. Can't wait to wash it to see what it looks like without that cyan texta outline!


Helen said...

Looks great, love the blue fabrics - very cheerful and fun.

AJ said...

Wow Helen...looks fantastic!!! I so have to take a chance and try it!!..What pens did you use (that didn't work) maybe I can find a different one??

Felicity said...

Woow it looks fantastic, Nearly makes me want to give up Scrapbooking which I am finding so hard to put pattern papers together and come back to quilting. Mmm Hey where are your scrapbooking layouts LOL :)