Sunday, March 11, 2007

Last Nights Dinner

And to change the subject completely..... here's what Daz made me for tea last night!

A fillet of North West Snapper baked on a bed of rock salt, with a crust/sauce layer of lemongrass, corrainder and chilli. Served with steamed potato's and beans and pan fried asparagus. And of course a few glasses of an unwooded Chardonnay, from Poets Corner in New South Wales. It was all very lovely.

Didn't do any sewing at all over the weekend, which was dissappointing. Worked all day Saturday, then today we had my Grandma's 90th birthday lunch at a picnic in a park which all the kids loved, 11 great grandkids where there, everyone else had 3 kids except for us, rocking up with the girls! I got asked once if I was pregnant, think my top was too tight and I do still have a post baby belly.... But I got asked twice if I had made the tops that the girls were wearing, I hadn't though, they were Ingrid's. The one's I have made for the girls recently were in the wash! Grandma did say how pleased she was that 3 out of 4 of her grandaughters have taken up sewing as she was a seamstress hereslf in the "Olden Days".


muffington said...

Grandma was pretty chuffed when Oliver called her the Birthday Girl!

Joanne said...

Looks delicious!

Cass said...

Helen, lovely dinner and you didn't even have to cook it so I bet it tasted even better

ingrid said...

Oh wow, the best my husband can manage is a takeaway pizza. I am seriously jealous, it all looks delicious! And I am glad the girls are getting lots of wear out of their tops :-)

Kylie said...

Luck you for a cooked dinner and a glass of wine!

I love the finished blocks - now all you have to do is sew it all together! Have Fun, cant wait to see it finished