Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lights Camera Action! WIGGLES!!

We went to the Wiggles today! Our second concert, we saw them back in September last year. They are such fantastic guys, big fans in our house. It was a bit sad as this was the concert it was announced at that Greg has officially left due to illness and they had video footage of him explaining it all and handing over the yellow skivvy to his replacement.

Milly got a bit alarmed during "Play Your Guitar with Murray" as the giant inflatable balloon of Murray kept falling over as it was being blown up! Grace looked cute as a button in Ingrids top too. Finally got to post a pict for you Ingrid!


Julie said...

OMG!!! You guys are front row!! Look at the crowd behind you. However I would like to disagree with your comment about U2, Wiggles I'm afraid are on par for me too. In fact I'm feeling pretty lucky about seeing them in June when Greg was still in it.

Also love the Santa photo - girls outfits are gorgeous!!

ingrid said...

Wow wee, look at the crowd! You had great seats. It looks like you had a ball and Miss Grace looks very cute. It is a perfect fit!