Monday, November 06, 2006

Grace's First "real" drawing

Bit of excitment in our house yesterday, well for me anyway! Grace, during "quiet time" drew this picture and its her first real picture. She's been drawing people for awhile, well big circle heads with arms and legs sticking straight out of them! But here is her first drawing that says something to us adults.

I asked her to explain it. Its her and her cousin Cate, she is handing Cate a present (as was Cate's birthday's on the weekend) and they are standing on a bed of flowers doing a dance.

Awwwwww! All I hear is how much like DH she is, so chuffed to think maybe, just maybe she'll have her Mum's artistic streak!


Cass said...

Helen, great picture. Charlotte has started doing more pictures like that as well where she can tell you what or who it is. She loves doing bodies with big belly buttons for some reason.

Helen said...

LOL Cass! Have tried to show Grace to do bodies, but she's like NO Mummy!! Not like that!

Andrea said...

Oh what a proud moment for you Helen! That is just adorable, you will have to write on the back what she said it was, just precious!

ingrid said...

What an artist! I just love it when they start expressing themselves through the drawings. Miss C has done some beauties lately too. I am thinking of getting one of those frames that you can change the pics in. I think they deserve to be hung on the wall for everyone to admire.