Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mary Poppins.

With the pink and purple zig zag quilt folded away it was time to turn the attention to a new project. One without white fabric. One not intended for a baby! The sister of the Miss C who got this quilt last Christmas is 14 and she likes green. She babysits for us when we need it and I'd like to make her something, she's lovely. The kind of teenager I hope my girls will grow up into. So I pulled some green from the stash, even broke into some of the fabric purchased over the holidays. Added some yellow because I couldn't do it all green. I have been admiring Lynne's "Pick Up Sticks" red cross quilt as she has sewed it. And I have had this photo in my favourites for ages, so I had a rough idea what to do.

Within a very short time I had half of the first seven blocks sewn and with a quick cut in half again....

All these blocks started tumbling out of the sewing machine! I didn't have time to stop and take a progress photo for the blog! Milly commented "You making a windows quilt Mummy?" Ummm, I thought it was "modern liberated improv crosses" Milly but windows works too! I've moved the machine onto the dining table to spread out and the ironing board is just to the left outside this photo to save me walking back and forth to the laundry.

So now I have all these and more cut ready to sew. I'm aiming for double bed size. And what does the lovely Mary Poppins have to do with this quilt? Well she has been a Nanny to the girls while I have sewn this. Mum sent up the DVD for Grace's birthday and they have been absolutely captivated by her and watched it twice allowing me to sew in peace! Thanks Miss Poppins!


Cindy said...

Your blocks look great. Have you ever thought about putting them on point?

Jo Ann said...

The blocks are neat. I wondered if M P was a nickname for the actual caregiver, not the movie!