Monday, April 02, 2012


I decided to start a new quilt for my friend who is not having a boy! I took some inspiration from Liberated Quiltmaking II, sketched up some possibilties from this block as I just love this quilt.

I selected my fabric and went to sew a block for a trial. And it didn't even get to sewing a block! It just wasn't going to work. Too many prints, spots and not enough colours to contrast like my inspiration example. So pondering what to do now... And then I saw this quilt on Jacqui's blog and it was like ohhhhhhhh! I knew the direction to go now. So how many ever half square triangles later, I could start to play.

Something like Jacqui??

Or flying geese this way? No, not quite.....

Or squares? Making a sort of zig zag in the white space? Getting there.....

Then I settled on coloured zig zags. I still have more half square triangles to go. My maths is terrible, I sew like about 15, then lay everything out and double check I'm still on track. Holidays are in three days, so should be able to get into the swing of it then!

In other news, check out here how we have been spending our last few weekends.


Jackie said...

I am so glad that I could inspire you, Helen!! I love the colors and the arrangement that you settled on... aren't HSTs frun to play with?

Leah said...

Love the zigzags!