Friday, April 13, 2012

Half Square Triangles.

Sewed all the half square triangles together yesterday. All ready to trim tomorrow and sew into strips. Love school holidays! We have eased out of birthday celbrations for Grace into a balance of sewing and whatever else the family wants to do so I can keep on sewing!

There has been a lot of pinning... a lot! Pressing seams open, trimming and pinning. Its all a bit too precise for my usual style, but the end result will be worth it.

And here is my d'oh moment. Just when I am getting into the groove of it, thinking how clever I am, how all this trimming and pinning is paying off when I flip open the seam I have just sewn to realize I have pinned it wrong and created a row of squares instead of my zig zag. That to me indicates its time for a coffee and blogging break before I reach for the unpicker.


Laura C said...

Actually, if that's the whole top, I'd leave it! I think that row of squares looks interesting and intentional. The pink and purple are just darling.

(First time commenter, though I've been subscribed for over a year... :) )

Emma said...

I actually like the off-set row, too! As long as the change isn't down the centre of the quilt, I think it adds interest!

AJ said...

Opps! Can you zigzag back the other way and make that the centre? Where they 'arrow' into the middle...IYKWIM