Sunday, January 16, 2011

Quilting Pink Squares.

Yesterday was my monthly quilting group sewing day. I used their large table to sandwich the pink squares quilt that has been folded up over the ironing board since I finished it back here.

I decided to do large pebble quilting all over in white, give it some texture. I still have a third to go and I think I am on my 5th bobbin, certainly going through the thread but it looks effective. I have decided to mail it over to Corrie when done, she is collecting blocks to make quilts and finished quilts too if you want to make something for her appeal.

Toni has the master list of all the auctions for the QLD Flood Appeal. Check them all out here! It's massive!


Jackie said...

It will be just beautiful when complete!

Lisa said...

Oh I love that pebble quilting, great texture!

Sarah Craig said...

That is beautiful!! Love your quilting!

Corrie said...

aawww thank you it will be beautiful. I've been wanting to try that quilting design and must just get stuck in

it's a gorgeous quilt! well done