Thursday, January 13, 2011

2010 Quilt Review.

I have been meaning to do this since I got home from holidays. The annual year in review in the quilting land of Mini Grey. I made 16 quilts in 2010, not bad. I'm not counting all the block swaps, there would be at least 16 of them. As I was cutting and pasting this post together I noticed a lot of squares, a lot of wonky houses, a lot of floral and a lot of colour!! The first quilt for 2010 was finished in February for my partner in flickrs Doll Quilt Swap #8.

For a friends new baby, also finished in February.

For my 600th post I gave away this mini quilt in March.

Finished in April, now up for auction for the Queensland Flood Appeal. Bidding is still welcome here!

I made this one for my lovely blogging buddy Lynne in a private swap in April.

This is the mini quilt was all free pieced and offered up for Give Away Day with Sew Mama Sew in May.

This dolls quilt was made for the EB Quilters Dolls Quilt Swap #4 in May.

I also finished this little bassinet sized quilt for one of Milly's friends to wrap her dolly in.

I signed up for the Placemat Swap and made this for Kimmie in May.

And also finally finished the quilting and binding on my Round Robin Quilt in May too. A busy month!

In July I finished my favorite quilt for the year. Something about the smoothness of the blues against the white.

Then a blue and orange version finished in August.

Then I made some dolls quilts for Flickr DQS#9 in August. Here is Version 1!

And version 2!

And version 3! This one ended up being a private swap with the lovely Krista in Canada but I tricked her and let her think she was getting a wonky house instead.

November saw me finish Milly's wonky house quilt made with blocks from my Around The Block swap. Single bed size, the second quilt I have ever sent away to be quilted. It came back stunning! So that is 2010 in a nut shell. Bring on 2011.


baukje said...

BEAUTIFUL and GORGEOUS. My favorites are the house quilt, the last one is so lovely and the blue and white one. is there a pattern of the last one?

Epiphany said...

My favourite is Milly's Wonky House one too. :)

Deb said...

Wow, you have some beautiful quilts. Love the wonky houses and the vibrancy of the fabric. The doll's quilts are stunning. The whole lot are just lovely.

Anonymous said...

Wow! A highly productive year. Onto another one...

María Cristina said...

Maravillosos trabajos!
Muy difícil elegir...hermosos colores!!!

Wonderful work!
Very hard to choose ... beautiful colors!

Jackie said...

Thanks for the wrap up!! I love every single one. The colors are all so lovely! The piecing and quilting divine. I remember watching some of these in progress. Can't wait to see what 2011 brings.

Millie said...

My quilt (your quilt!) has a place of Honor in my sewing studio so I can see it all the time. I just love it!

hugs to all!

Poppyprint said...

Yes, you're a tricky quilter, you are. I ADORE my lovely pink flowers.

byneedleandthread said...

Beautiful work Helen! What a great year! Can't wait to see what you make this year!

Erika said...

wonderful quilts I love them all you are very inspired person.

John'aLee said...

Oh my! I LOVE every one of them. Gorgeous work!! Can't wait to see what you do in 2011~~

devonaz said...

Wow what beautiful quilts,,and how awesome your auction quilt is up to $200,,love looking at all the pictures..

The Humming Cat said...

Blue and orange quilt (August) is my fave, love it.

Cee said...

Wow Helen!!!! That one with the pink flowers is AMAZING!!! You blow me away with the fantastic quilts you come out with! :)