Monday, January 10, 2011

The Gold Coast Holiday - Part 1!

We have just come back from a two week holiday catching up with family and friends in the Gold Coast. I took a lot of photos as to be expected, so thought I would break the posts up for the blog. It's usually a sunny part of Australia but at the moment large parts of Queensland are flooded, its the wettest summer in 150 years or something like that. We had a few days of sunshine... Our accommodation was right on the foreshore so we could walk to the beach.

Little bit different to our days on Rottnest. Lots of people, lots of different languages heard as you walk along the sand and the lifeguards! And shadows from the skyscrapers on the beach.

New Years Day saw us all heading to Australia Zoo. It was grey and raining but we brought a $3 plastic poncho at the shop and everything was okay. The rain actually kept the crowds down so that was good for us. We had come such a long way we weren't going to let some rain dampen our spirits! I was excited, the girls were excitied just as much! We walked in the gates and up the first path straight into the elephant feeding. Grace was there popping carrot into his trunk and exclaimed afterwards it was like a big vacum cleaner!

We then headed to the Crocoseum. It was amazing! Terrie, Bindi and Bob were all there. Bindi sang a few songs, Bob then sang one and then the show with the crocs started.

Terrie feed him......

And then Bindi feed him too. Note the flying bit of meat mid air! We did see Bindi later walking through the grounds with a minder giving some boy and his Mum a private tour, no photos of that, we were to star struck and only managed to say "Hi Bindi" as she walked past and to her credit she said hi back and smiled at the girls.

Then we went and saw the Tigers which impressed Grace so much she has decided to be a tiger handler when she grows up.

And also Grace managed to pat a koala's bum! It was a busy day, we were there all day and it was fantastic. the grounds and animals are all immaculate, I'd go back there in a flash. Next blog post, Seaworld!


Jan said...

Hi Helen I was wondering when you were coming back. Great pics, looks like you had a grand time. Hope the break was refreshing. Now back to the sewing. :)

Poppyprint said...

I love vacation photos! Fabulous.

rachelmp said...

Fantastic photo's Helen. Lucky you!

Duff said...

Lovely photos! It's always heartbreaking for me to see Steve Irwin's family, but they look strong together!

If Gracie's sweet smile keeps up through adulthood, she will definitely need instruction in tiger handling...if you get my gist! :O)

Anonymous said...
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