Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WIP Wednesday - Week 27 - More of Miss Milly Moo's Quilt

I have finished four more blocks for Milly's Quilt. I think though they need another round of logs added to them though, just to make them a little bigger. And I have to order some of this white as I don't have enough in my stash. Looking good though. When I was laying these blocks on her bed for the photo, Milly walks in and says "what you doing Mummy?" and I replied "seeing how your quilt will look on your bed." And she answered "your making a quilt for me?" The element of suprise and amazement in her voice was like but you never sew quilts for me?!! Well Milly Moo, this one is for you!

I had a great suprise yesterday morning when I went out to pull the recycling bin out to the kerb after hearing the truck in the next street and realizing Daz had only put the normal rubbish bin out. A parcel from The Fat Quarter Shop had arrived and the dog hadn't barked to alert me! They had 40% off Kaffee the other week so I got 5.5 yards of the above. Just in time for me to use the deep purple in Milly's quilt maybe.

And a magazine and a Swanky honey bun roll. 40 x 1.5 inches wide strips. So nicely packaged, I'm not taking it out the plastic till I sew this one. I have it earmarked for a Chinese Coin quilt for a friends baby coming out later this year, make a change from all the pink and purple happening around here lately.


AJ said...

Oh that Swanky looks wonderful!

Milly Quilt is progressing nicely!

maria said...

Milly's quilt is looking great. A coin quilt in the new fabric will look great.

Donna said...

I had an opportunity to do some shop hopping yesterday while on vacation in Washington state. I almost bought some Swanky. It'll look great in your coin quilt. Love your blocks!

AllyJo said...

Oh wow, I think I found a new favorite blog. I've been meaning to come over here and meet you for ages. I have fallen in love with a quilt you made for Kerri, at lovely little handmades. It had a red tree with aqua/turquoise branches and little red birds. Could you tell me where I can find this pattern or share with me how you made it. I saw it awhile back when she received it from you and I can't stop thinking about it. It's in my head haunting me. LOL

Pretty please. Please help me. I absolutely love it.

Cascade Lily said...

Well AllyJo is going to be disappointed re the pattern isn't she? LOL

Looking good Helen. It's so nice to have little girls so happy when we make something for them!