Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WIP Wednesday - Week 26 - Placemat Swap Progress.

Firstly, wow! Thank you all so much for the lovely and inspiring comments left on my last post. I was a bit humbled. It was just a simple quilt but I think simple often works best. It is still making it's way to it's new home, so hopefully they like it as much as you all did. Thanks.

And as one swap finishes, another one always pops it's head up and my hand always seems to shot up and say oh yes, I'll be in! There is a Placemat Swap happening on flickr. To the one non quilting follower (she knows who she is!) who is scratching her head going huh? placemats? I'm viewing it as arty mini quilt! Mine recieved will be hung with my collection but I am absolutely fine with mine being used as a placemat.

It is an open swap meaning we are paired up and so we are making and recieving from the same person. I was lucky to get Annieshouse. She has been wonderful! She is fine on whatever colours, loves bright and modern stuff, so a perfect match. I picked out these from the stash. The fabric on the left is from one of my Amitie scrap packs I got at the fair last month.

Because Annieshouse may read my blog, only sneek peaks...... Here is one block.

And wolah, here it is sewing down the binding. The girls think it is hilarious I use these clips to hold it down as I use blue ones in their hair for school! And in my usual style I have made two.... but they are pretty much the same so I can't show that one either.


AJ said...

Lovely Helen! I think a few placemats are in order here!! WhenI find the time! :P

susan said...

goodness you are quick!
i need to get going on mine! ack!!!!!
yours looks super cute, but i cant wait to see the whole thing
lurve those fabrics!!

Natalie said...

looking great Helen! I actually have some placemats on my to-do list - I finally convinced DH to let me throw out the ugly clear vinyl that has been covering our new dining table, so now he's being a placemat nazi (and we only have ugly store bought ones at the moment!)