Friday, June 19, 2009

Today's Mail.

I had not one but two satchels under my doormat when I came home this morning after buying Miss Milly some new "running shoes". The second pair for the year, this 4 year olds foot is growing too fast. Shoe mumble aside, I was very excitied to see a parcel from Cass! Some Kaffe skinny 1/8th's which went immediately to my Kaffe stash. And a lovely card. Thanks for everything Cass, it was a lovely belated birthday present and there is no way that you are a slack friend, quite the opposite, you have a heart of gold and I wished we lived closer!

And my goodies from Kelly arrived today. Prints Charming made the softest fabric, one could stroke it all day. Thanks Kelly. :)

And so I was feeling good about today's mail. Milly was pottering around in the lounge room, I was sewing, we had Mama Mia on the DVD, all was good. Then she goes "Mummy?" and I reply "Yes?" and she then said "Mummy, one day you are going to be a Nanna and then you are going to die" so matter of factly I could only laugh in reply. She's right though, one day that will happen, not for awhile yet though. I hope.


Liam's Mummy said...

Oh dear, I hope that day is a long, long, long way away.... I'm very envious of your parcels!

Little Munchkins said...

Great mail day indeed for you. Had a chuckle at what Milly said, true but we don't think about it quite that way!

Natalie said...

fabric mail is the best kind! I too had a chuckle at what Milly said, sounds like the kind of thing that Jai would say lately as well.

The Humming Cat said...

2nd pair of sneakers this year, OMG Cate is on her 4th!! Out wearing not outgrowing, and she's in nikes!
Noice pressies from Cass.

AJ said...

A long long long longlogn way off yet Helen....We have a lot more quilting to do yet!

And a real life meet too!