Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chaletgirls Block Swap #4.

Well I am ready to send back round 4 to Sheridan for her Block Swap.

These ones are for Miss Thornberry. The black print really pops in this photo, it isn't that bold in reality. This was nice fabric to match, so many possibilties with the dots from the flowers centres. Hope you like them Lara!

And these ones are for Lynn. I'll admit I was scratching my head when I saw this print. It is beautiful but busy! I went for the neutrals in pairing them up, I liked the dots especially.

I'm posting them back and ready for round 5! Check out the progress shot here of all my blocks that have been made for me!


Anonymous said...

Helen, I LOVE my blocks! Thanks so much - terrific combinations. Isn't this block swap a blast!

maria said...

Great blocks!