Friday, May 15, 2009

The Quilt Show and Craft Show of 2009!

It doesn't seem a year since we went to last years Quilt Show but here we are again! I'll start off with the important stuff, what I brought! A pile of fat quarters. I got the red and black for the last border of my Round Robin quilt. Thats the only fabric I purchased with a purpose in mind, the rest are "just because" fabric. Some essentials too. 3 rotary blades for $10, can't go wrong there. Some printable fabric for labels, I should get two labels on a sheet of A6. And the fabric crayons, thought they could be interesting. According to the back of the packet you draw onto paper then iron the paper to the fabric and it transfers. Something to play around with the girls later on.

A close up of the extra yummy Flea Market Fancy. There was only one fat quarter of the blue background white daisy print but Ad swipped it first. May have to swipe it back when I'm over her place next!

I got these scrap packs from Amitie too. Well rather Mum got them to give to me later on this month. Suppose I will wait....

Mum did quite well this year. Last year she only brought some pins, let the team down terribly, but this year she was back giving her credit card a work out! She still brought pins though... See the little peice of paper she is holding? That has the details of a Happy Jack Quilting Frame that she is thinking of buying. She has been thinking about this for the last 2 years, time to make those thoughts a reality! I'm working on her!

And finally we come to the quilts! I didn't buy a catalouge so I am sorry I can not credit who sewed the below quilt. If you know who made it, please pop a comment down or email me so I can edit my post.

I brought the pattern to make this quilt last year and it's still sitting in it's zip locked bag. Opps! I love this black and white version, stunning!

This was an interesting one. Sort of a wonky Dresden Plate. It is titled "To Celebrate Difference". Sewn by Trenna Bridge.

Something to try one day. I like it much better than the traditional Dresden Plate pattern.

Loved this one. Titled "Chilli Pepper Cocktail". Sewn by Jenni Prijt. Something about black, white and red always draws me in.

This one was amazing too. Called "Effulgence" by Robyn Vallence. Look it is all triangles but gives the impression of circles! Tricky!

Fantastic use of colour. Love it.

And to end with the best. This amazing quilt by Brenda Smith as part of the display of fantasy quilts from the inaugural AP&Q AQC Challenge. This one was called Magic Carpet.

Very inspiring. Can't wait till next year!


Little Munchkins said...

Fantastic stuff you got from the show. I like Katie Jump Rope fabrics.

The quilt which was made from triangles but looked like circles is awesome!

AJ said...

Love the trinagles made to look like cricles...will add that to my list!

Gald Jules got in on the act this year!!

BeckyEtal said...

I have fabric crayons here for Miss Possum to try out as well.

I love the Black, White and Red quilt.

L. Jane E. said...

So jealous, wish I could've come. Thanks for sharing!

Liam's Mummy said...

I liked the black and white quilt. I can see that happening in some reds and blues. I also liked the triangles that looked like circles. I've used fabric crayons before - they are very cool!

Shari said...

It will be interesting to see how you use those fabrics. Maybe put a quilt in next year's show (hint hint). Glad you enjoyed the show - the quilts were amazing!

Cheers - Shari

byneedleandthread said...

thanks for sharing! i didn't take any photos at the show i went to last weekend...oops. that dresden is very cool!

Anonymous said...

That, my sweet, is not Katie Jump Rope...that's the elusive Flea Market Fancy!! Great finds, well done!

Cass said...

Great buys Helen. You look so much like your mum!

Helen said...

Sheridan! Opps! Thanks! Fixed that one. :)

Cass, do I????!!

KateKwiltz said...

Beautiful, all of them -- but I'm in LOVE with that last one!