Monday, May 11, 2009

Flickr Doll Quilt Swap #6 Recieved.

I arrived home from doing the very boring but essential food shopping this afternoon to find a parcel awaiting me on my doorstep. Squeezing the package indicated it was squishy and also an address on the back I wasn't familiar with, so I knew my quilt for the Flickr Dolls Quilt Swap #6 was here! I opened it up to find this treasure from Bronwyn.

The colours are just stunning, love the green's. Her hand quilting is so neat and even! And thank you for the extra's of the fabric scraps too. :)

Always a great swap this one. Who's ready for the next round?


Donna said...

Funny you should mention the next round...we're ready,
bring it on !!!

Bronwyn said...

Glad you like it Helen - you are being far too kind about the neat and even stitches - there may be about five that actually pass as 'quilting' LOL!

Cascade Lily said...

It's very eggcellent Helen :)

byneedleandthread said...

beautiful quilt you got there!