Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Stash - Week 3.

Sunday has come around quickly again. I feel like a presenter on Play School, today we are looking in the green window. Not much contrast in this section of the stash, all mid toned greens.... Interesting!

I picked up some of the above Farmer's Market print on Thursday and it has become a favourite already.


The Humming Cat said...

Very noice. I will buy you some light and dark tones to match your mid tones, ok? Ok!

susan said...

its funny when you put your fabrics by color spectrum you can see that you gravitate toward similar colors!! i too like mid greens not too light and not too dark
lovely selection

ingrid said...

What lovely lucious greens!

I adore that Farmers Market print, so so lovely!

Tine said...

What yummi greens! They look good. Your stash is so organized, I'm very impressed, I wish mine looked like that!