Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stash Sunday - Week 4.

Yes I know its Tuesday and I am only posting my Stash Sunday post now.... opps! We went away for a few days to Rotto and although it is beautiful over there, no internet access for us. I tell Daz if he ever end up living over there we are soooooo getting one of those mobile broadband thumb drive scuzzy drive thingies!

So without any further ado, this week we are up to the blue drawer! The think I noticed about this collection is there is a lot of blue spots, a lot!

This one is a favourite, it is the only snowflake material I own! It doesn't really go with anything, I have no idea what to do with it besides look at it and admire how pretty it is. :)


Emma said...

Oooh, I feel privileged you sent me some of one of your favourites! I'm rather partial to it, too!

Cascade Lily said...

I love that snowflake fabric too. Lovely!

susan said...

looking at fabric is good

Kathie said...

I love that snowflake fabric too, would make a great background fabric!
do you know you made that fabric?
a pillowcase or even a pillow would be great too.

Jackie said...

You have lovely stash! I love the idea of the prior commentor of using the snowflake fabric as a pillow case!

jacquie said...

i have that fabric too...have it in pink as well. i never saw snowflakes...i see atomic, retro shapes...i used it one the back of my square motion quilt. i can't get enough of that fabric.