Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Nicholas's Quilt All Fixed!

Look at this poor little quilt! It is a well loved and cuddled quilt this one. My first attempt in quilt making beyound simple squares. It is a Jan Mullen pattern from a fantastic magazine called Kids Quilts, one of those one off special editions magazines, from Quilters Companion. I think its supposed to be an annual mag, but I haven't seen another since I got this copy and that was in late 2004 I'd say. I made this back in early 2005 but didn't give it to the baby in question until August when he was born.

The pattern was of course different to what I ended up with. It was 5 by 5 rectangle blocks, I did 3 by 4 and added some sashing and little squares to match up. I look at it now and cringe as it is all wrinkly, I backed it with flanelette! It's puckered everywhere! I hand quilted around each diamond shape and little yellow square, suppose that doesn't help the puffiness. But the colours are still bright and intense, still love the choices I made there. And the thing that really makes me smile about this quilt? It is so loved and cherished by the little boy who it was made for, he takes it everywhere, everyday! Every time I see them, his Mum has his quilt poking out the top of the nappy bag, and this little boy has just turned 3.

So when a quilt is this well loved, it is bound to get a rip! I spotted this 2 inch gap a few weeks ago and immediately confiscated the quilt for a fix it job.

I just folded over the green and slip stitched it down.

And the quilt hadn't got a label either back in 2005, so I added one on. Sorry the label took 3 years Nicholas! He loves Sportacus from Lazy Town, I think this will be the extra cherished corner of the quilt now.


Cass said...

Nice to know your quilts are so loved. You'll be pleased to know I washed Lucy's the other day and the label is fine LOL!

Tine said...

It is nice when the quilts we make are in need of repair because they are used so much :-) You did a great job of repairing this beautiful quilt. The label is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Helen. Yes it is certainly a much loved quilt which hasn't left Nicholas' reach since it came home. He hangs it on the side of his cot at night - Sportacus facing him - so that he can see it when he wakes up. Very special. This will be one of those childhood treasures that we keep forever in his memory box. Thanks for the beautiful post.
Love MV