Wednesday, January 16, 2008

WIP Wednesday Week 2 - Lots of log cabins!

More log cabins did you say? More?? Well here are 10 more! Taking the grand total of finished border log cabins too *drum roll please!* 11! Quick metal maths in my head tells me I still have 17 to go. Here's 10 below in various stages.

I do them in bits and peices, rather than cutting up 28 1.5 x 3 inch rectangles say and sew all them to their centre square, I'll start by maybe cutting 5 of one colour, sewing those, then on the next colour in that same log cabin. Then maybe when I have got a few layers in, I'll go back to the other ones that are still just a centre lonely square and start building them up. Does that make any sense??! Just keeps me from getting bored at sewing the same thing 28 times over, to do it in various stages. And with the two munchkins at home with school and day care not starting till next week and also next month, I'm interupted every 10 minutes anyway! I'm stoked too as I haven't had to buy any new material to make these, using up bits of scraps and starting of the year denting the stash.

Was thinking last night though, and I'll throw the idea out here into blogland. What about the idea of setting up a Work In Progress Wednesday group on Flickr? Everyone shows the finished quilt but quiltmaking is such a long journey, it would be nice to see some action shots of the journey along the way. Would having a WIP group encourage us to get those UFO's finished? What do you think? Would you join up? Interested to hear your thoughts blogging buddies.


AJ said...

Yum!! Makes me want to make more log cabins Helen...huummmm another project on the go?? LOL

The flickr group sounds like fun...I'll join you!

AJ said...

PS the way you do your log cabins sounds like the way I do pieces..I can't do the same repetive thing either..

atet said...

The flikr group sounds like fun. It might encourage me to get some things done just to be able to share photos! LOVE the log cabins too. (and, would it be ok to include some of my knitting WIPs as well?)

Samantha said...

I love your rainbow log cabins. They are so lively and wonderful!

Corrie said...

oh I love all the bright lovely colours! gorgeous...reminds me of jelly babies!