Sunday, January 27, 2008

Australia Day Morning Cloud Vale Annual Darts Championship

This is a non sewing related post, just a warning! I married into a family that holds an annual dart championship! Well they try to make it an annual event but the last one was held back in December 2005. This year it was tied in with Australia Day which was yesterday, my favourite holiday of the year, but I had to work so it didn't seem like much of a celebration, today felt more like Australia Day, hot weather, beer at lunch time, swimming in the pool, yummy food and a dart championship!

Here we are about to start. Left to right, Daz, MIL, BIL#1, SIL, BIL#2, mate of BIL#2 and FIL getting ready to draw the names out of the hat to see who plays who. Its all official, a game plan is drawn up, if you win your round your through to round 2, if you loose you go to a loosers round and then you get another go, win that and your though to the other winners, loose and your out! Understand all that? I didn't really, just stepped up to the line when I was called! My path through the championship was quite simple. Straight out after 2 games! Not that I really minded as I could then just float in the pool with the girls. I haven't actually played darts since the last championship!

This was my view from the pool of the action. BIL#2 getting serious now wearing his sweat band!

Here we are having a break. The girls are half blood from a family of serious dart players, I think there is more chance of their name being on that throphy one day than mine! Can't wait! Happy Australia Day everyone!


Cass said...

Happy Australia Day Helen.

AJ said...

What a great family tradition...with a trophy and all!! LOVE IT!! Can I please be invited next year?!?!