Saturday, April 02, 2016

Catching up for Easter

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break. We did although it didn't involve a stitch of sewing! We drove up to Darwin and spent four nights at this amazing apartment overlooking the harbor. This was my view from the balcony. I spent every morning sitting out there having a coffee reading and every afternoon having a champers! It was a great place to watch afternoon storms come in as well. We did pop into Spotlight but that particular store is in the process of moving and there was junk everywhere, no real bargains, Milly and I walked out after purchasing a guitar shaped bottle opener for her music teachers Christmas present! So not what we went in for and Christmas is miles away but we saw it and it was so him, so we couldn't not purchase it.

So now we are back in town and its the weekend, time for some sewing. I have cut and ironed a whole pile of blue. Some are scraps, but most is cut from the stash. It has all been random, oh that blue is nice, lets cut a few rectangles and squares, that should be enough... how about this blue now? And then I cut lots of white 1 inch strips.

Then it was a matter of just starting to sew everything together. Its a bit like a jig saw, matching pieces in with other pieces. I've decided to make each block 13.5 inches, its addictive..... 


Tine said...

Those are some pretty blues :) I have started sewing scrap projects in a single color as well, but....I also still like to mix everything up. And then I see a post like this one, and I want to go sort my scraps by color.... It's a never ending struggle :-D

Monika Karwowska said...

Piękno cudeńko będzie :) pozdrawiam