Thursday, March 17, 2016

WIP Wednesday #7 - A Disappearing 9 Patch

This tutorial here on how to make a Disappearing 9 Patch is my most viewed post in this blog. Over 16,000 views. I look at the tutorial made back in 2009 and it doesn't really tell you that much. So I decided on the weekend to sew up some D9P blocks and redo the tutorial and at the same take make another table runner before I throw myself into the next blue baby quilt.


Monika Karwowska said...

Piękny :)

Kim Bates said...

I use your tutorial all the time to make table-runner samples for the quilt shop that I work sells Charm Packs like crazy! I do put your info on the info label so the customer can go to your link and see how it is made. Thanks so much!