Friday, March 04, 2016

WIP Wednesday #6 - The Quilt that Jack Inspired

Well now I have finished William's quilt. it is time to start Jack's quilt. He is 2 months old today, aim for his first birthday Helen? His Mum has always said to me that she couldn't wait to have a baby because then I would make her a quilt. She really loves this Cathedral Windows one I recently made. Can't do a baby boy quilt in pink and purples though so I got out the blue coloring in pencils to play around with some layouts.

At first I thought all blue prints and solids. Not the same cathedral window block, each one would be different. Then a splash of orange just for interest....

Or what about a whole middle square patch of orange?

Or what about a checkerboard orange and blue effect? I'm leaning towards the middle design. I'm going to see Jack and his Mum on Tuesday and will show her and get her thoughts. I don't really like to "sew to order" but I would like a guide from her so I can make her something she will love.

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