Monday, August 03, 2009

Chalet Girls 9 Patch Swap - Round 6!

A sad moment in the sewing room today as I sewed the last round of Chaletgirl's 9 Patch Block swap. It has been so much fun she has organized another swap already, Around The Block and I signed up already so although this swap is drawing to a close, the fun begins with the next one!

These are for Louise. I used some Kaffe fabric. Usually I just refold his fabric up, pat it and put it back in the stash, but this time I actually cut it!

After I matched them all up, I realized I had four extra squares, so I sewed Louise an extra 9 patch block, thought it would come in handy for the back maybe?

These green and white polka dots were lovely to work with. These are for Janiecat. Hope you like them girls! And so that's it. All ready to post back to Sheridan and then wait for all my blocks to come back to me.

And now at last I can get stuck into the DQS#7. I have been waiting to get this swap out of the way, not in a bad way waiting, but just want a clear deck before I move onto the next swap, KWIM? Course you do! A colourful rainbow to work with.


Amy - Park City Girl said...

love the rainbow you have collected!

Millie said...

Kangaroo Waving In Maine?

blocks are cute!

Anonymous said...

They look great! I am so glad that you have enjoyed the swap!

Cascade Lily said...

And it will be so quick to make up a quilt when all those blocks come back!