Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Stash - Week 7 and Give Away Day!

Stash Sunday! What a day! Is there a better day of the week?? Well actually there was this week, Thursday to be exact when I picked up the above fabric.

Spotlight was having a 3 day deal that if you brought $100 of whatever, you'd get $40 off. Hmmmm, I thought, I do need more wadding! And a Superman outfit for a Christmas pressie for this little man, so I went in! Just had to get half a metre of these Lakehouse spots, the spots are metallic and the yellow was too pretty to leave there as well, its like a golden yellow, don't know what I'll do with it, but it helped get my total to $102 so I walked out happy. Which that in itself from Spotlight is pretty amazing! The last two visits I have left empty handed and cross. Hurry up Aussie Dollar and get high again against the American dollar so I can shop online!

Also while I am here, book December the 3rd into your blog diary as Sew Mama Sew are hosting a Give Away Day! Basically you offer a handmade item made by yourself to be given away and on the day you do a post about the item and pick a winner from the comments left. Fun! I have something here already made but you'll have to pop back on the 3rd to see what it is!


The Humming Cat said...

ha! I spent more than you!
Got some nice Christmas Snowflake fabric, some strawberry upholstery fabric, some orange spots and a picture frame.

Cylie said...

Yeah, I spent waaaaay more than you :)

I got this fab aqua, red and black japanese fabric, some lovely dots and Michael Miller Handbags.

Little Munchkins said...

I signed up for the Give-Away Day too. I think you don't need to have a handmade item though. Something that can be used for handmaking things can also be given away.

I was planning a giveaway on my blog that week too so it was perfect timing.