Wednesday, August 20, 2008

WIP Wednesday - Week 30 - A Twirly Skirt.

The Squid Eye is finished! Well sort of.... I have finished blanket stitching all the mini eyes around the outer, now I have found my missing fat flat (and how about the irony of my own sister having the material I needed in her stash! Thanks Ad!), I just have to sew an inch sashing around the quilt top and then its finished, ready to sandwich. But was thinking I might do some fancy big squares for the backing. Am liking the idea lately of backing doesn't have to be the same fabric, you can make the backing a simplified quilt in itself. Thinking around the squid eye!

So with that one nearly crossed off the list I was thinking about whats next. The weather here is warming up slowly, low 20's and sunshine, girls wearing twirly skirts at yesterdays show, whats a Mum to do? Sew a twirly skirt!

I'm using this pattern online from here. Easy peasy to make and the only seems which you can see are the side ones, I love how the hem is all tucked under and sewn down, so you don't see any threads. This Amy Butler Midwest Modern fabric is soooooo soft, I grabbed a few metres for myself before the rest went for sale in the shop. I think I'd like to make a few more for the girls, bring on spring and summer please!

Grace and I had an interesting conversation this morning. She was finishing brushing her teeth, sighed and said "Mummy do dreams come true if I wish really, really hard?" And I said "If you wish for something with your whole heart and believe in yourself then dreams can come true" Something inspirational along those lines. She nodded and looked happy. I then asked her what was her wish? "I wish for a white unicorn Mummy" Ahhhhhh okay, maybe that one isn't going to quite come true soon. :)


Little Munchkins said...

Ooh, nice squid eye. Can't wait to see the skirt modelled.

Re the dream, you'd better put out a call to others to help you find that white unicorn :P

Emma said...

I sense a white unicorn quilt in your future ;)

Tine said...

The squid eye quilt is going to be so great! Twirly skirts....we're approching fall, but I still think there are a few twirly skirts to be sewn around here :-)

Cass said...

Can't wait to see the skirt. That fabric is lovely isn't it

susan said...

great now you have to grow a unicorn!! hehe
your squid eye is looking gorgeous. cant wait to see it finished. and the skirt looks sweet, that fabric is so purty!!

Cascade Lily said...

LOL I'm going through your old posts to find Sandi/Lanalarn's blog (she sent you the table runner) and realised that you'd used the same Amy Butler fabric here that I used in Marina's quilt! It's gorgeous isn't it?