Friday, August 29, 2008

Sparkling Snail Trail!

Falling back in love with foundation peicing again. Nice and crisp points. I've got the ironing board set up right next to my machine and at a lowered height, so I can sew and then iron all in the same spot without my bottom leaving the chair!

Now I have to admit, this snail trail block is for Emma's Round Robin. Regular readers of my blog with the memory of an elphant will go, hey, didn't she do her bit on that quilt back here? Yes I did, but I did a terrible, rushed yucky, embarrassing border. I wasn't happy with it and admit I just finished it to get it out the house and that hasn't sat well with me, so I got AJ to post it back to me. All reinspired now and have come up with something much more fitting and worthy of the centre! Even found the matching silvery glittery fabric above which is excatly the same in the points of the centre snowflake. So sorry girls, I am delaying this a bit but worth the wait hopefully!


Tine said...

Oh those sparkles are neat! Foundation piecing is ful, I like the idea of setting up the ironing board so you don't have to get out of your seat! LOL.

Emma said...

I love it! This is going to be a very well-travelled quilt by the time it's done!

susan said...

oh its so purty!! all wintry. and hehe i like that you can sew and iron without lifting your bum! you have inspired me to move my ironing board the next time i do a pressing heavy block! thanks