Monday, May 01, 2017

New Sewing Space!

Things are starting to get organized in the new house and it is starting to feel like our home. Unfortunately it doesn't have a fourth bedroom to turn into a sewing room, so I have a space in the main living area which works out well. Makes me keep it tidy! I have a new shelving unit next to my new desk in which to keep stuff. I had to close the blind to get the light balance right for this photo, but when the blind is open there is a pretty view to a small garden bed and the sunlight streams in till lunch time.

I did purchase these pale blue storage boxes to keep all my Kona Solids in and to be stored out in the shelving unit by my sewing machine but they are a cm to wide! Bugger! Another trip to Ikea might be on the cards. So I have this stored in the laundry. Scraps in the cane basket, material for backing and wadding in the three clear plastic tubs and each of the drawers has a colour devoted to it. Yellow is overflowing for some reason!

Lots of scraps! I transferred them from another tub and discovered all these scraps I didn't remember having.

And to finish off with a photo of my bookcase, just for you Ruth. I did cull a lot of books in the move and this is what is left.

Oh, and there is one more new addition to the sewing space. Meet Dolly. We finally gave in to two years of Milly pleading and brought her a kitten. She is a sweetie and has blended into our household like she has always been here.


Maria said...

Nice set up! like seeing your blog posts. always nice once you settle into a new home

Quiltdivajulie said...

Darling kitty and what a lovely sewing space you have created. Sorry about that extra cm -- what a pain!

ruthsplace said...

What a cute little kitten! Love your bookshelf (is it an IKEA one?) and the new sewing space.

Millie said...

A cat makes a house a home, I think. :-)