Wednesday, July 06, 2016

WIP Wednesday #10 - Rainbow Spiral Quilting

The local Ag Show is coming up this weekend and I would really like to win a first prize in the Patchwork Quilt category. I've won second prize a few times, I've won first prize in the "Patchwork - Other Article" category and also "Appliqued Wall Hanging" but I would really like to take home the certificate saying first prize Patchwork Quilt. Saying that though, there is a new category, "Jelly Roll Quilt" this year. Not exactly the Patchwork Quilt category but getting close. So I pulled out this quilt top which has been sitting on the shelf unfinished since the Quilting Retreat in March last year.

The plan was to put it up and see if I could turn it into a few quick table runners. But when I spread it out on the floor, I thought hmmmm, this is actually not too bad. So I put together some rainbow spotty fabric for the backing and had it taped to the floor before you could say "lets watch another episode of Downton Abbey" as Grace and I got through a few seasons in the time Daz and Milly were away! We started back at the beginning and cried all over again when Sybil and Matthew died.

I ended up going a big spiral. I misread my notes though and went in an anti clockwise direction so by the end it was getting bulky through the neck of the machine. Above is how far I got after one bobbin change.

This is after three bobbin changes. Look how much movement there is around the edges. Fortunately there was no puckering underneath. Lucky!

And despite all that movement my lines of white are straight. This is after the fourth bobbin change. I'm going to keep on going and get the quilting down and the binding on tonight! Nothing like a deadline to get you going!


KateKwiltz said...

Helen, it's beautiful! Do you repin as you go to get rid of the unquilted wrinkles, or just forge ahead?

madziula said...

great effect :)

Robby H. said...

I like how that spiral quilting plays with the bars of color. Good luck in the competition, because there really is nothing like a deadline to help finish something. Not that I'd know or anything.

Tiffany said...

Wow, that's amazing. I'm super impressed with your spiral quilting skills. I know from experience it's not a easy as it looks.

liz said...

lovely! I've only recently done my first spiral quilting. I'm happy to see that despite that rippling at the edges as you worked, it seemed to have no negative impact on your fab quilt!