Sunday, July 03, 2016

First Finish for the School Holidays!

I love school holidays as it means I can sew! We aren't going anywhere for the next two weeks which makes a change, I guess we can't go to Vegas every school holidays! Daz is going off on a few shirt (opps! short!!) fishing trips but I put forward my case of I want to stay home and do some sewing to see if I can enter a few quilts in the upcoming Ag Show. I quickly sandwiched this quilt, quilted it, squared it up and put the binding on.

Its all ready for its new home. It ended up measuring 46 x 38 inches,

The quilting was just up and down, Simple but effective.

Just after I took these shots of the quilt laying on the grass in the backyard, I stepped on a dead cane toad/ Well it had the legs of a cane toad but the body was long like a blue tongue lizard. It was bloated and freaked me out. When Daz got home I said something is dead on the back lawn, I trod on it, can you put it in the bin? Being the dutiful husband he is, he went out to remove the dead thing, only to come back inside minutes later laughing as I had stepped on a toy from the neighbors that had somehow been thrown over the back fence!


Cass said...

Helen I love this quilt especially the line of blue

Monika Karwowska said...

Śliczna :)

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

That's a gorgeous quilt - great inspiration! (Love the idea that husband (?) is going on a "few shirt fishing trips"!)

Not all is grey said...

What a gorgeous quilt, beautiful, sunny and very inspiring!

KateKwiltz said...

Love this! Your quilts are always so happy!