Saturday, February 06, 2016

WIP Wednesday #2 - You have to have a list!

I took these photos on Wednesday but am blogging a WIP Wednesday post on a Saturday, does it matter? suppose not, I am still aiming to blog. I have a paper, write in with a pen diary. I have an iphone too like half the world but I can't get the hang of entering all my stuff in the calendar on there, so I carry around an A5 sized diary to write things in. I like it because I then get the satisfaction of crossing things out when I have completed them! I am writing in go to the gym and quilting so I will actually do it. So far it is working but I get much more done in the holiday rather than this week when we all went back to school. I have managed to unpick all the puckered areas of the quilt, now to just carefully quilt those areas again. Hopefully next weeks WIP will be an actual finished quilt!


ruthsplace said...

Love the sneak peak of your WIP. After an abysmal year blogging last year this year I've started writing a few posts on the weekend and the publishing them during the week in an attempt to be regular.

AJ said...

Yeah for crossing things off lists!