Sunday, February 28, 2016


I'm scrolling through all the photos on my phone trying to find a photo of the "baby" (I say baby in quotes as it was supposed to be his welcome to the world newborn baby quilt but the baby in question is now 14 months old!) to put on the label of the blue squares quilt I have been blogging about recently. I finished it last night and now all I have to do is the label! I want to put a photo of the baby who will be receiving the quilt, but while scrolling I found this photo taken a a few months ago. I made this quilt for his sister and here it is being used! Spread on the grass! Allowed to get dirty! Allowed to have a rusk smudged into it!! It's loved. I love that. Love it.

Now back to my label.


AJ said...

I love a well loved quilt!

Tine said...

There is nothing better than seeing your quilts in use! The one in the picture is so pretty, and great pattern and colors for a babyquilt :-)