Monday, April 29, 2013

Spiral Quilting!

I have finished this quilt top. Thank goodness for school holidays! I used the Kona solid Sour Apples for the borders. It's very green!

I was looking foward to quilting this as it meant that I could really test out the quilting ability of the new machine. I was thinking ditch in the stitch around the squares but then thought no, be more adventurous Helen. I have always admired the quilting on Krista's quilt here. One big giant spiral. So I took the plunge and decided to give it a go. I marked in chalk a guide of a small circle, about 10cms in diametre, then one a bit bigger, about 20cm and then used a dinner plate to mark a third circle. I used the darning foot to do the first 3 rings, then swapped to the walking foot. Wow, I am impressed. The machine is just gliding over the fabric. I am getting none of that fabric pull I fustratingly would get as in quilts like this one. And the knee lift was so handy! I'm loving the texture it creates, I think I have found my new favourite quilting design!


Cindy Sharp said...

It looks awesome.

ruthsplace said...

Looks wonderful. Love the green too.

AJ said...

Looking good Helen!