Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Happy 10th Birthday Gracie!

My baby turned 10 today. Double digits. The big one zero! That year just zipped past! I'll admit that Grace and I clash some days, I brace myself for her teenage years. But other days, like recently she is just lovely, sweet, kind and thoughtful with a positive attitude, I love those days! She is our Gracie Lou and we love her to bits. No party this year, just homemade pizza and watching old home video's of when the girls were babies. We still had a big cake though! Happy birthday Grace!


Cindy Sharp said...

Happy birthday to you sweet girl.. She shares her day with my little brother. It is a good day for a birthday.

Cass said...

Happy birthday Grace. I must admit Charlotte and I are exactly the same but lately she has been nice too

upstateLisa said...

Time does fly by! She is beautiful. And that cake looks delicious!