Thursday, December 20, 2012

Red Squares Runners.

It's nearly Christmas and its the season for bringing out all those table runners I made earlier this year to give away! I had forgotten about these two, they were cut from the quilt that wasn't meant to be, back here.

I quilted the lines with the free motion foot for a bit of extra waviness. That and I didn't fancy turning it around at the end of each line if I had used the walking foot. I used white thread for the white background but a verigated thread of different shades of red for the red area.

I'm happy with how they turned out. Christmas looking but not enough to be used at other times of the year I hope.

I like how the non quilted areas pop. I have already given one away and the other is wrapped under the tree waiting till we see the person it is intended for.

And at the final whole school assembley, guess who picked up the Art Award for Middle Primary? Grace! Go Gracie! Working at the school I knew about it in advance but said nothing to her and the look of amazement on her face when her name was called, was just priceless! So we are on school holidays now till the end of January. I hear my sewing machine calling me.


AJ said...

Happy Holidays Helen! Hope you give your machine a good workout!

Aliceart said...

Two someones are getting an amazing Christmas gift! I love these two runners: so bright, balanced and perfectly balanced. LOVE, love them!

West Michigan Quilter said...

Those are beautiful table runners. I love how you have quilted them too.

ruthsplace said...

The table runners are stunning!

Congratulations to Grace :)