Saturday, May 28, 2011

More houses!

More houses! These ones sewn by me. The birthday on Monday was overshadowed by having to go into hospital on Tuesday to have some minor surgery. It was supposed to be done on the 10th but due to the nature of country hospitals, it got rescheduled, so it wasn't it a surprise. About two years ago I noticed a lump to the right of my C section scar. I poked it and thought nothing of it but then it sort of got bigger, pea sized, 10 cents, 20 cents. So then I got it checked out September-ish last year. They didn't know what it was, so sent me up to Darwin for a needle biopsy. That was fun, NOT! Then the results came back after Christmas, sort of Endometriosis but in the muscle tissue around where my C scar is. As I understand it, a bit of my uterus has popped through the scar and so grows a little bit bigger after each cycle. So they decided to cut me open and cut it out.

That was on Tuesday. I stayed overnight in hospital, back home Wednesday lunchtime. Luckily they could do it here at our local hospital and I didn't have to go to Perth or Darwin. Daz had a few days of work and sat with me on the couch watching Glee. I have been walking around the house like an 84 year old, bent over and shuffling. It hurts to laugh and cough. Suprisingly though sitting up straight in a chair with wheels is good! And so I have dabbled in a little bit of sewing and sewn these houses. I can wheel from the ironing board to the sewing desk, perfect!


Heidi said...

Oh! Is it as bad as a c/section??

I am worried bc I have a bump at the corner from my last c/s!!

Btw....been following your blog and just want to say I love it!!

Car said...

wow Helen, we are totally in tune this month. Both had our birthday only days apart, both had operations only days apart (i had an endo nodule removed yesterday, except I scored another 4 cuts to add to my existing 8 :o )

heres to a healthy, happy and lots of sewing June!!!

carol said...

Recover fast, my friend! Hope you feel good in no time! LOVE your little houses!

Poppyprint said...

Your little houses are perfectly adorable! Hope you're upright soon, and good as new even sooner.

upstateLisa said...

Hope you are quickly on the mend! Loving all those houses!

byneedleandthread said...

Take care. Yay for the wheely chair. I had hernia surgery quite a few years ago and was doing that same half bent walk. Everyone was laughing at me. Which in turn made me laugh, which hurt. Fun times. Hope you will be walking upright soon. :)