Saturday, November 07, 2009

EB DQS #3 Received from Lily.

Well today was the opening day for the 3rd Annual EB Quilters Dolls Quilt Swap. I was the lucky girl to receive this stunning beauty from the talented Lily. She has taken all my likes and combined them in one beautiful quilt. I love brights, I love white, I love wonky houses, just perfect!

Here is the house....

A detail of the amazing quilting. The stitches are so perfect!

A butterfly is just flying by.

And the back is as perfect as the front!

Lily was also sweet enough to include a pin cushion made by her, stuffed by her daughter! One of my daughters has claimed it as a new pillow for Barbie's head! I'll let her play with it for a few days and then nick it back for it's real purpose!

Thanks so much Lily, I love my new quilt! It is just lovely. I am very lucky. :)


Becky said...

Such a great job on the 'wonky' quilt. Love the quilting and the butterfly is a detail that I missed at first glance.

Mean Mum you are taking Barbie's pillow back ;)

Kylie said...

Love the bright colours in this! I want to live in that house!

AJ said...

This will look great on your wall Helen!

Cascade Lily said...

So glad you like it Helen! I was smiling as I was making it because I thought it was right up your alley :) Glad Barbie's having a nice sleep too :) :)

Kelly said...

That is gorgeous! Lucky you!