Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WIP Wednesday - Week 8 - Quilting Monochromatic!

I’ve put together the top for the monochromatic 4 Season’s Doll Quilt Swap this week. It has been hanging on the design wall just begging for 30 minutes of attention to do this! Started the quilting today, lots of turning around the wonky flowers and then I am thinking in the white, some stippling with little stars? And then in the main red area, swirly free motion quilting to suggest flames. That was my idea at the start of this project and then with the recent sad events in Victoria I thought hmmmm, maybe not?

Talking of bushfires, here is some binding ready to post to Tia for the Bushfire Quilts, just over 1,350 inches!

And sign ups for the flickr Dolls Quilt Swap Round 6 are now being taken here, if you want to play. I'm in, this is one of the best dolls quilt swaps around I think.


Cass said...

Helen that is awesome binding, you are following in my binding footsteps

Emma said...

I have a very similar binding photo I'm about to blog! Some fantastic fabris there.

mandyloon said...

You should definitely quilt flames on the red fabric, especially now more than ever! The flowers coming up out of the flames will suggest rebirth, regrowth... HOPE!!!

Love these wonky flowers!

Anonymous said...

Wow - look at your binding!! You certainly put me to shame - agh!

Well done!

AJ said...

Gotta Love a good binding roll...Did Grace undo any of these?? LOL

Flowers looking good!

Cascade Lily said...

You did some binding! Aren't you good!

And you are putting me to shame on the swap quilt. I am doing it tomorrow!