Friday, November 23, 2007

My Friday with my D9P 19 day challenge!

Now that Mrs K's quilt is under control, just the binding to hand sew down and the label, thought I'd set myself one last challenge for the year and sew a quilt for the kindy teacher assistant! She does as much work as Mrs K, why shouldn't she get a nice present too? Last day of kindy is on the 13th of December, leaves me 19 days to finish this. Can I do it? If I pick an easy pattern should make the deadline, lets do a Disappearing 9 Patch!

So I started this afternoon. Laid all the squares out. There was 45 in this pack, but I've only used 36, might incorporate some in the border, see how I go. So even though I laid them out above, when I sewed them together, it looked nothing like the layout! Don't know how I went wrong there, blame it on the heat, it was a shocking 38C today here in Perth.

So now the fun bit, sewn up into 9 blocks, out comes the rotary blade, cut, cut, rotate, rotate and sew back together again! And wolah, the centre of a lap sized quilt. I purposefully didn't leave any yellow around the outside as I'll use that colour for the border. Unfortunately I don't have anything at all in my stash that would go with it, so I will just have to go to my local material shop on Monday for a look to see what I can find. :)


atet said...

Aren't those disappearing 9 patches fun? Love the colors! The teacher's assistant will love it! Sounds warm (ok, I'm sick -- I love heat) -- I'll trade you our 32 degrees Fahrenheit we currently have (um -- easiest conversion ever -- that would be 0 in C).

Cascade Lily said...

It's looking gorgeous Helen! I am so going to have to make one of these one day!

Also, yellows are really hard to find! Enjoy the hunt :)

AJ said...

Oh not your colour palate nor mine...but i really like it!! I think yellow will look great on the border..but like Lily said...I have the hardest time finding something in yellow I like!! big did the centre end up??

Anonymous said...

Wow !!! This looks great.
I must try this one day.

Leah said...

Ooh Helen! I love those colours - they are very me.
Can you please explain a bit further about overlocking the binding? Do you just raise the cutter? I'm confused.